What our childhood can teach us about having a great career


Remember those childhood days when we were 10 year old and didn’t care about anything other than playing. All we wanted in life was having fun. Anything other than that was not acceptable. And we were truly happy.

Let’s recall what happened when we had unlimited fun in childhood.

When we played our favorite sport, we were totally lost in the activity. Our parents used to tell us not to play late in evening or in scorching sunlight but did we listen to them always? We listened but hardly. It’s because we loved that sport.

What happened if we went outstation and we were not allowed to do our favorite activity? Did we smile then? Probably not because if we were not able to do the activity which we loved the most, life became boring.

But what if we returned home to find our companion for a game, materials for drawing or craft, skating shoes or a cricket bat? You would be the happiest person on earth. I bet you are smiling right now.

Did you notice the common link in all above examples?

It’s following your interests.

Whatever interested us kept us happy and whatever didn’t interest us, we didn’t pay attention to them. Life was that simple. And we were happy. But are we really happy now as adults?

Life is also meant to be simple now but don’t you think we have made it complicated by thinking too much and creating too many needs for ourselves?

If you are not happy in your career right now in spite of good money, then you probably need to revisit your childhood. If it’s your interests that kept you happy, then it’s definitely your interests who are going to keep you happy in present and future.

I know I know you have family, children, full-time job, not time, no money, no contacts and I totally agree with you. But man! Can you recall what feelings you had when you did what you really loved even for half an hour? In case you forgot, just block half an hour on Sunday and pursue the activity you really wanted. If you feel you don’t have required materials or instruments for that, just visit any event related to your interest and I must tell you man, it feels so damn good.

If there’s any 1 thing you should learn from your childhood, it’s this.

When will you start following your interests?

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