What I learned by taking the road less travelled.


On 3rd April 2017, I got the idea of organizing an event to help people realize their dreams. I had never organized any event before. But I wanted to take the road less traveled.

I decided because I love attending events but I always found myself on the side of the majority – the audience. There were few people who took the road less traveled and I wanted to be among them.

So I immediately created an event on facebook no knowing what I’ll do, who I’ll call and where I’ll conduct this event. I knew that if I wait to create the event after figuring this out, it’ll never happen.

If you wait to figure out everything before starting anything, it’ll never happen.

Today, 21 days after creating the event and one week before the event, everything has been figured out including the venue, the food and most importantly, the Speakers who will be there to share their stories on how they found the work they were born to do. In this process, I met many new people, had interesting conversations and learned a lot about the power of networking. Here’s what I learned most by taking the road less traveled.

Jumping in has the power.

Through my years of experiments of doing something I loved, I have learned that when you commit to doing something publicly, you are more likely to do it as compared to the one which you don’t announce because of fear of embarrassment.

Act on your inspiration immediately.

Many times I had an idea of an inspiring session and I announced the date and topic in advance and then prepared later. This made me prepare the session at any cost. I couldn’t back off. I couldn’t cancel. and you know how I felt after the event? I couldn’t describe the feeling but I am glad I did. Same happened with this event. I am glad I announced it publicly. Now I am happy I took the initiative because victory always happens outside of your comfort zone.

You have to put in the work before you get the results.

Approaching speakers for the event was not an easy task. I contacted them on Linkedin and through Facebook. One of the speakers came through recommendation. But the tough task was convincing them to say YES to speak at the event for a person they have never met. This is not possible if they don’t trust you. But how will they trust you if they are meeting you for the first time? Here’s what you need to know.

  1. Introduce yourself.
  2. If you like their profile, praise them for their good work.
  3. Say what you loved about them.
  4. Come straight to the point on why you are contacting them.
  5. Describe your purpose on why you are doing what you are doing.

If the work you are doing is something good for the society for beneficial to them, they will say YES. Again it depends on the person you are contacting. Also while discussing their role at the event, if they feel at any point that the event or the organizer is not up to their standards, they might deny. So you have to gear up yourself to meet the people who are ahead of you in some way or the other. Prepare a short introduction of yours which will make people smile or make them raise their eyebrows. This doesn’t come easily, it took years of reading and learning but the association is priceless.

People want to help you succeed.

People want to be a part of something bigger than them. When you ask for their help for a good cause in a genuine way, they’ll usually help you. This is contrary to what many people think about approaching new people that they might not like the idea or they might not support them if they don’t know who you are. In this confusion, they don’t even bother to ask them. Whatever you want to achieve in life, you’ll have to take help. And trust me, most people will happily help you if they come to know that you are genuine.

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