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Have you ever failed badly, felt lonely, helpless and desperate to get inspired to take action? We all fail at some point or the other in life. We all want to be guided by the right person at the right time. But guess what? Things don’t always go our way. That’s life. When it comes to getting ahead in life, all we want is inspiration. And when we need it the most, it doesn’t come. So what do we do? We wait for inspiration. But you don’t get any results by waiting. But as it is said, the solution lies in the problem itself. So when you are waiting for inspiration to fall from the sky, STOP. Here are 5 inspirational websites to turn to when you desperately need motivation to do something.

Addicted to success.


Joel Brown has made this site into an Inspiration empire. Whatever inspiration you need to get ahead in life and business, there’s an article on every topic you can think of. Right from the mindset to the actions required succeeding in business, this site has it all.

Whenever I visit this website, I usually end up being more and more charged as I finish the article and by the time I wish to leave the website; I have finished at least dozens of articles and am fully inspired to do whatever it is that I want to do.

The moment you visit this website, you’ll feel like you should have visited it earlier.

Entrepreneur on fire.


John Lee Dumas started this podcast by noticing a major gap in the market. There was no business podcast which was hosted daily. And looking at this gap, he started working on it. EOFire covers interviews of successful entrepreneurs daily in the form of podcast. The great thing about this is that you can listen to the audio while you are commuting to your workplace daily. Each podcast is 25 minutes long on an average.

I hear it daily and can conclude that no podcast host on this earth match the energy of JLD. The success of this podcast teaches you how listening to your customers can be a great key to business success. The specific, actionable and to the point advice this podcast offers you daily, is priceless.

The energy on this podcast is infectious.



Yourstory is an online platform for start-ups. It provides insights into the startup world with success stories of entrepreneurs. The reason this website is useful for entrepreneurs is that you can know about the recent start-ups which can open up your mind to new possibilities and can learn from mistakes of other entrepreneurs.

Even more, you can reach out to them and the writers and learn more about the startup world. What can be better than learning from the masters directly? It also has a section for women entrepreneurs called Herstory.

One stop solution for info on Indian startups.



Scott Disnmore created this awesome online community to bring like minded people together who wanted to do something they were passionate about but lacked support to do the same. He believed that the real power lies in each of us and when these powers unite we can literally change the world.

The main thing this community teaches you is the power of connections. Their course, “How to connect with anyone” is a powerful one teaching anyone how to connect with the influential people in your field when you are a newbie. They also have other useful courses.

Change the world by doing work you love.



Lifehack is one of the most visited websites in the world. It provides tips, tools and tactics on topics such as technology, productivity, relationships, self improvement, money, lifestyle and many more facets of life. It has articles written by writers around the world hence, the main advantage is that you get the best advice around the world. It has also started a new feature where you can add your goals. In short, an all in one place to get inspired about any area of your life.

Do you have any other inspirational websites in mind? Comment below.

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