These 3 tips will make you an impressive speaker (Only if you want)


Tips Impressive speaker

Image credit: Flickr.

Once you have conquered your fear of speaking in public, you now want to become an impressive speaker. A speaker that everybody loves to listen.

When it comes to speaking, there are lots of tips on how to speak, which topic to select, how to add humour, how to use your body language, how to start, how to end and many more. But irrespective of all these tips there are some elements which hook the audience like no other.

These are the elements which will help you connect with the audience in a better way.

These are the elements which will make audience remember your talk for years to come.

Lets begin.

Tip 1: Tell stories.

Stories have been humans favourite things to listen since ages. I guess you still remember that favourite childhood story. People love hearing stories because they help you connect in a better way.

Whatever it is you are telling, a life lesson, a comedy or a pitch, telling a story will help connect the audience better than any facts or figures. When they remember the story, they remember you and will be eager to hear you speak again.

Tip 2: Share personal examples.

Stories are better but when it comes to your own story, the audience pays more attention. Compared to “There was once a boy…” , “When I was a kid…” gets more attention.

When you tell your personal struggles and wins in form of a story, the audience feels that you are as human as they are and it help them better connect with you. It makes them feel that if you can do it, they can do it too.

Tip 3: Speak from the heart.

Great speakers speak from their heart. They don’t speak what they don’t believe in. When you speak what you truly believe in, believe me, the audience can feel it. They can see it in your eyes.

They can sense your fearless attitude when you speak from heart and that’s what creates the magic in your speech.

Take away for you.

Tell Stories.

Share personal examples.

Speak from the heart.