The secret every human being on the planet needs to know.


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When we hear the word “Secret”, our eyes get wide open and our full attention is in that particular matter. It’s because we are conditioned for it. We gossip endlessly, we mostly talk about things that have no logic except time pass. It’s as if by getting that secret, our all problems will solve. But admit it, most of so called ‘secrets’ are nothing but fake to attract your attention.

I have read those secrets on every facet of life and very little are of real value. But those of  real value just blow your mind and when it comes to the secret which each and every human being on the planet needs to know, you might be wondering what that secret is!

Do you know, it’s a proven fact worldwide that 80% of people don’t love their jobs? It seems so silly but let’s change this scenario a bit. What if 80% of men don’t love their wife? Seems a bit serious right?

The reason this is serious is that we spend almost majority of our time in a day working. And if this is the case, don’t you think the work you do should be sort of what you love?

“But Dhaval, what about money?” you’ll ask. Relax, I didn’t say you leave your job right away but you can start working at it one step at a time! Don’t you think you should?

But here’s the warning. You won’t. Why? Because in this age of instant messaging, we think that we should get the results instantly. We become frustrated if the internet is not working for just 1 hour. How can we wait years to enjoy the fruit of our work if we get impatient in few hours?

You may argue that you are earning well. But there are very few people who are earning lot of money and still not frustrated. And if we exclude those people, there are very rare chances that you’ll be among that minority. Rest of us are in the majority who work tirelessly for eight, may be 10 or 12 hours a day and then come home tired only to find that we have no time for our family let alone for ourselves.

And when we don’t have time for ourselves, we don’t think for ourselves. We just get along with the society and media who are constantly grabbing our attention because we are drifters.

Do you know who a drifter is?

The one who doesn’t think for himself. The one who has no aim in life. And the end result of a drifter is that he finds himself alone one day at the end of his career and wishes he had listened to his heart.

Closely observe all the people around you and ask them if they have any purpose in life. Ask one more question, “Are you happy in life?” Ask ten people and you’ll be shocked at their answers.

So what can we do to avoid such a trap? The solution is so simple, you won’t even believe it.

Just follow your interests.

That’s it. You just have to follow your interests irrespective of your age. Now those last four words are those which matters a lot.

When we were child, we used to do only what was of interest to us but as we grew up, we did everything except following our interests because we were told to be realistic, we were taught to fear, we were told to compete, we were taught not to fail. And in the process of going ahead of everyone, we forgot ourselves. The frustration in work led to many problems in life. Recently, a newspaper published an article which mentioned that choosing the wrong job can cause severe health problems in long term.

So how can following your interest help you get ahead in life?

You know how it feels when you do the activity which you love doing. You forget the time. You feel like you are on the top of world and at the end of day, you don’t even feel like you worked. Imagine what if we did that work for our entire lives? Rather than running away from that work, we’d be doing more of it.

And by engaging more in your craft, you slowly become master at it. When you think of starting a business, what if you select a business only based on earning potential of it? You’ll soon lose interest because failure is inevitable and when you are doing the work you love, it’ll provide you momentum to get going in spite of failures. And that’s what separates the winners from losers. That’s what separates satisfaction from regret.

Look at Sanjeev Kapoor, one of the top chefs of India. What is he doing all day? Cooking. Oh man, just cooking? Really? Yes, it’s unbelievable and he’s earning a lot. There’s no doubt about it.

Let’s take another example. Do you know Harsh Agrawal? He’s the man behind He fully discloses his earnings on his website and is earning purely through blogging. Take a look at the website and it will blow your mind.

There are countless examples like these. The question now is, “Are you ready to wake up?”

At the end of your life, if you want to say, “I am glad I did it” instead of “I wish I had”, start applying this to your life from today.

Was this a secret? Yes it was. Because when you see majority of people earning well in life with no satisfaction, it’s no surprise that following your interests is a secret. Because if it wasn’t, everyone would do it.

Are you ready to apply this secret in your life? Start exploring your interests from today. You’ll be glad you did.

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