3 sentences to ignore when getting advice


People love to take advice but getting advice from the right people is also a skill. Everything is not learned the hard way and it’s better to take advice from someone more experienced and wiser than you.

But sometimes we misunderstand someone being old as someone being wise. Age doesn’t define maturity always. Hence, when you take advice from someone, make sure you are paying attention to what they are actually saying and not just following them blindly.

Here’s the big mistake everyone make: When you take advice from an expert, you think that whatever they say is 100% right.

That’s not the case at all. What they are saying might be true according to their life experience but if you judge yourself according to their life experience and point of view, you might suffer.

Listen to everyone but do what you feel right inside.

Here are three sentences you should ignore if someone giving advice says you.

It can’t be done.

World is full of people selling themselves short. I was the same few years ago and it’s only when I tried selling myself what I was worth, I realized that it wasn’t too hard. What was holding me back was just my own beliefs that it can’t be done. Even experts like Sandeep Maheshwari agree that the advice he gave someone that it can’t be done turned out to be false and the other person went on to ignore his advice and became successful. So don’t doubt yourself when someone says it can’t be done. Instead, push even harder and prove them wrong.

It’s too hard.

When you share your goals with people who are not ambitious as you, you might hear that the work you want to do is too hard. Nothing worth achieving is easy. If it won’t be hard, you won’t be able to enjoy success as it is. The more difficult the task, the more you enjoy success. If it weren’t hard, everyone would do it.

No one has ever done it before.

I know competition is good but people say it’s never done before; it’s a great thing to be the first person in that niche. Don’t be discouraged. Instead celebrate it. It’s like a story of two salesmen going to a village selling shoes and one says there’s no opportunity because no one is wearing shoes here and the other says that it’s a great opportunity as no one is wearing shoes here. Same problem but difference in attitude.

Getting advice is easy and it’s also easy to follow them and get distracted but when you hear these sentences next time, reconsider getting advice from the same source again.


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