3 ways to stop being average


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Let me ask you a simple question. Have you ever been to a doctor with a critical illness? If yes, was he an average doctor or above average? Would you like to go for the average doctor next time? Or would you like to go for an average beautician, average coach or average mentor for any guidance? I don’t think anyone would. Nor do I. But here’s the shocking part.

When I saw where I stood among the group of people I was surrounded with a few years back, I noticed that no one wanted average people even if they were average. I was average too but I don’t like average people. This was disturbing. How was anyone going to like me or do business me or hire me if I was average? So I decided to stop being average by following extraordinary people and learning from them. I closely observed the qualities of average people and found three common qualities. Here are three common qualities of average people and how I overcame it.

Average people never do what they say.

There are three kinds of people in this world.

  1. Those who don’t say anything and don’t do anything.
  2. Those who don’t say anything and do everything.
  3. Those who say they’ll do something and do nothing.

We are talking about the third category of people. You’ll always listen average people telling they’ll do something but never do it. they always have excuses for what they cannot do. I was doing the same. For years I thought of writing a book, starting a website and hosting an event. I finally decided to stop making excuses and start putting the work. I published 2 books, started a self-hosted website and even hosted an event. In short, I did everything I said I’ll do and guess what? It felt amazing.

There is no better satisfaction than doing the things you said you’ll do.

Average people are afraid to stand out.

Average people are always in groups. They are afraid to stand out. They feel scared if they are highlighted even for a good reason. I was too afraid to stand out. I was afraid to speak in public. I was afraid to speak the truth. I was afraid to walk alone in front of people. And nobody liked people who are afraid, who are always in fear of what others think.

So I decided to take to stand out. How did I do that? By linking my skills with what I loved most. I had the skill of public speaking and I loved speaking about self-development. I combined them and started to speak in front of groups. Yes I was afraid, yes I was terrible in beginning, yes I had to improve a lot. But guess what? That initial decision to stand out has made all the difference in my life.

Don’t be afraid to stand out for who you really are.

Average accept whatever people tell them on their face.

Have you ever believed whatever negative things people told you about yourself? I bet you had. I too believed them. They said I wasn’t good, they said I wasn’t clever. And I also believed them. But then it struck me that all the legends that were born till date around the world were criticized in the beginning. But they believed in themselves. Period. That was the starting point of change in my belief system.

I listened to all but only accepted what I thought was true. I did not let them destroy my self-confidence. That’s when I decided to be an encourager because the world had too many critics.

So start doing what you say you’ll do, stop being afraid to stand out and do not accept whatever people tell you.

Because this world already has too many average people. It doesn’t need anymore.

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