Our courses

How to find your interests.

Did you do anything in your childhood that you are not interested? Obviously not. Then why are we as adults doing the things we are not interested in? “How to find your interest is a three-hour workshop to help you find your interest as well as to help you discover the benefits of finding your interest. Whether it’s full-time or just a few hours a day, pursuing your interest can really make you happy. Call: 9879356380 for more info.

How to find the work you are born to do.

Research has shown that 80% of people don’t enjoy their work. Work stress is the main reason for unhappiness in people’s lives. Around 80% of the people want to do something different from their day job if given an opportunity. “How to find the work you are born to do” is an advanced session of “How to find your interest” to open up your mind to possibilities that you never knew existed. Though we spend around half of our day working, the focus on doing work that matters is very less. This will be a highly energetic eye-opening session on how to find the work we are born to do.

Fearless Public Speaker

Public Speaking being world’s no.1 fear, everyone has fears that stop us from speaking and presenting our ideas in front of people. Even if we are not afraid to speak, there are certain aspects of speaking which will help you improve you improve your speaking skills and make you a better presenter. Fearless Public Speaker is a course to destroy your each and every fear related to speaking in public and help you discover key aspects of speaking to wow your audience.

How asking right questions can change your life?

We have never been taught the importance of asking questions and more importantly, asking right questions.