Most common fears of public speaking and how to overcome them.


Common fears of Public Speaking

Image credit: Pixabay.

So you are ready to speak in front of 50 people in next 10 minutes. You are sweating and your heart beating fast. Your throat is dry. You are trying to find an escape but there’s no last minute solution.

Has it ever happened to you? It happens to all of us. We all face these common fears in public speaking. There are lots of reasons why we fear public speaking but today we are going to break each of these problems into pieces and find solution.

Fear no. 1: Social Fear.

This is the most common fear of all. As humans, we are taught to fear a group of people and be aware of them. hence, when it comes to public speaking, we fear a lot. The only solution to this type of fear is taking action and you can take action by two psychological tricks.

3-second rule.

Before fear digs its roots deep in you, you have 3 seconds to stop it. the moment you ralize you have to speak and you feel that stupid fear inside, act within 3 seconds. Why 3 seconds? Because the more you delay, the more time you give fear to paralyse you and it impacts your speaking.

Contrast strategy.

Think of the most complicated thing human did on this Earth that you don’t even understand 1%. For me, it’s sending humans to space. I can’t even make a bicycle and people are going into space for research. How did they make such rockets? If they can make such rockets, can’t I even speak in public? Well, that kind of hurts my ego. The key here is to compare your speaking to a successful topic which you don’t understand. If they can make such a beautiful thing on Earth, Can’t I speak in Public? Ask this to yourself when you fear next time. Did you see how that works?

Fear no. 2: Don’t know what to speak.

If you are ever faced with a situation where you have to speak but don’t know what to speak, you can try these tips. There are three kinds of speeches.


Love those comedy shows on TV and open mics? These are entertaining speeches. If you ever felt funny about a topic, you can present your view in a humorous way to entertain people.


Got expertise in any topic of your interest? You can share your knowledge to help others master the subject. You can also express your valuable opinion on the trending topic in news.


Got a product or service to sell. Pitch your product/service and persuade people to buy it or sunscribe to your service.

Next time, when you feel the dilemma to speak, consider the above three options and you’ll never be worried about what to speak.

Fear no. 3: Going blank/ forgetting.

Going blank in-between the speech happens most of the time. It’s frustrating when we have prepared so much and still go blank. The key to never let this happen again in your speech is to use the structure in your speech.

Let’s say you have to use below four points in your speech.

  1. Make memories.
  2. Do business.
  3. Eat good food.
  4. Raise your price.

How to remember the above points?

Imagine map of India. Link all those points to places so that it makes a shape easy to remember. Here, we will link “make memories” with Taj Mahal as it was made in memory of Mumtaz.

Link “Do business” with Gujarat as Gujaratis are famous for business.

Link “Eat good food” with Kolkata as they have famous lip-smacking Rasgulla and fish from Kolkata. You can add your favourite place.

Link “Raise you price” with Mumbai as Mumbai is very costly.

If you draw a line linking all the four places above, you’ll get an “S” shape. That’s it. If you forget point no. 3 now, you know how to recall. So simple.

Fear no. 4 : Fear of Criticism.

The key to overcome this fear is mindset and there are two techniques to overcome it

Don’t focus on yourself.

If you try to focus all your energy in pleasing everyone, you’ll satisfy none. The basic aim of public speaking is fulfilled if even one out of 10 people get your message. So focus on helping those few people who could benefit from your speech. They don’t care if you make a mistake.

Nobody knows everything about a topic.

We worry about being judged because we feel that others might find gaps or mistakes in our speech. The thing to remember is this.

Nobody knows everything about a topic.

So you better relax. Yes, you might miss something, you might forget something. But if you look at any speech, there is always few things one can include about a topic. Nobody can include each and everything about a talk. Think like like and you’ll be better.

And when it comes to failure in a speech, remember this.


This means that failure is inevitable in everything you do. So why not in Public Speaking? Accept criticism on your face, improve yourself and see yourself evolving as a speaker.

Go ahead. Be fearless.