How much money you need to chase you dreams? (Real fact)


chase your dreams

Have you ever dreamt of starting something on your own?

Do you have a childhood dream to be fulfilled?

Do you want to try something new?

Almost everyone has. Right? But does everyone go ahead with full determination to chase their dreams? Are you going with full determination to chase your dreams? What are you doing right now to chase your dreams?

Very few people go an extra mile. Forget a mile, most people even find it difficult to start.

And if you ask them, the most common excuse people give not to start something is money.

I don’t have money.

My dad is not giving me money.

My business needs a lot of money.

What’s wrong here? They just had an idea of a business and started asking lakhs of rupees for their business. Who would give them?

That’s right. No one.

The reason? Why would they give them if they don’t have any experience in business, if they haven’t done the research or without knowing whether they are serious or not?

Here’s the thing which might surprise you.

It  doesn’t take money to chase your dreams.

We are not talking about starting a business yet. We are talking about chasing your dreams and both are not the same. Chasing your dreams comes first even before stating your business. Why would you do a business if it’s not your dream?

The mistake majority of people make is they think that they need lots of money to start a business and it’s the only way. And when they don’t get that money, they become disaapointed. Even before starting. How demotivating is that?

Let’s understand how it takes no money to chase your dreams which can ultimately help you get money for your business.

First you have to explore your area of interest. What are you interested in? Does your interest is in high demand in the market? Does people pay for it? If yes, you need following things to get started.

An open mind.

You need to believe that whatever skills you have, people are there ready to pay you for your skills. The only thing you need to learn now is, how to monetize your skills. Most people can’t even believe that their skills are really valuable and people will pay them. That’s a problem. For that you need an open mind who believes that anything is possible if you take time to learn.

Try new things.

You have to find new meetups in your area related to your area of interest, you have to attend events, subscribe to blogs of topic similar to yours, learn from people already successful in your field and who are already doing what you want to do.

Meet new people.

There are lots of things happening in this world. Try to approach a stranger at a networking event and discuss about your topic. Get involved in discussions, meet budding and well established entrepreneurs, stay in touch, offer value to them and most importantly, smile.

Most of the discussions never happened because neither of them smiled.

For example, at one of the event, when I shared few things related to the subject to audience, one of them immediately asked me, ” Why don’t you conduct this workshop?” I had never thought of that. That is the magic of meeting new people.

Take massive action.

When you start doing all above, you are going to get inspired and when it happens, don’t delay your inspiration even for a minute. Act on it immediately.

Act on your inspiration immediately.

If you keep thinking whether to take action or not, you’ll never begin. Trust me, I have done that. Most happiest times in my life are those when I have taken decision to act without knowing how I will execute. And guess what? It turned out well.

Chasing your dreams isn’t about starting a business with lots of money. It means to live each day pursuing things you want, building your foundation one step at a time and then improving yourself to an extent that money is not even a concern for you.

If you reach at this stage, you might show your dad what you have already done which makes it easy to convince him.

You might show your investors what you have build which will help you raise money.

But what if you still don’t get money?

Try crowdfunding. There are lots of people waiting to help you to raise money.

What we really need to chase our dreams is not money. We need to chase our interest. And money is attracted by the person we become by chasing our interest.

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