Meet a national trainer who developed speaking career in just 6 years


Most of us just get the degree in almost 6 years and then look for a better job. But if we do not get a job suitable to our subject of interest, then we accept any offer just for the sake of starting our career.

Well, it is a bitter fact that even after pursuing education; we still have to start with the letter ‘A’ after completing it.

But that’s not the case with Ms. Ashu Manchanda.

Ms. Ashu is an entrepreneur, who founded ‘LIFE (Learning Institute For Everyone). She’s also a Corporate Trainer, Management Consultant, Motivational Speaker & a Personal Counsellor. This passionate personality is certified & awarded as the National Trainer by JCI India.

But all these credentials didn’t exist before six years.

So how did she changed herself from ordinary to extraordinary, made an exponential growth in less time and transformed her life?

To know the answers, let’s not waste any time & begin the interview.

Dhaval Gajera: Welcome Ashu.

Ashu Manchanda: Thanks Dhaval.

DG: So, which topics you generally choose to speak about?

AM: I usually speak about communication skills, team building, leadership, positive mental attitude, self confidence. Actually I have given talks on over 100 topics till date.

DG: What are your top 3 topics?

AM: Communication skills, Positive mental attitude & Self awareness.

Friends, Self awareness is the key to succeed at any age, because if you don’t know yourself, your strengths, your skills and your weaknesses, how are you going to work on them and create a life out of that? Just keep in mind that before you begin to master in any subject, Know Yourself.

DG: How many trainings have you given so far?

AM: I have given over 600 training till date that numbered the people around 40,000 from all over India, out of which many belonged from various NGO’s, schools, colleges and corporate.

DG: Who is your target audience?

AM: Each and every soul here is my target audience. I can relate to anyone from a small child to a senior citizen.

DG: Oh great! So, what’s the exciting part of your speaking career?

AM: The most exciting thing about my career is to meet new & different people from different culture and age groups on a daily basis. Each & every moment of my profession is special to me.

DG: You started your career six years ago. What were you doing before that?

AM: I was a designer, working with a leading newspaper for designing advertisements.

DG: What motivated you to be a counselor and a motivational speaker?

AM: I could recall an incident when my daughter was in 6th standard, she started playing football. But in 8th standard, she got injured while playing so she was recommended bed rest for 3 months. And during that period, not being able to play football, she went under depression. Then I thought of doing something about it. So, I began to find solutions, met different people to help us out and try my best to recover her completely. No doubt she got improved, but physically, mentally she wasn’t able to motivate herself.

The turning point came in standard 10th, when she got a big opportunity to represent Gujarat & play football at national level. And that incident made my life a bit easy. But the problem was yet to be solved and I wasn’t able to find out anything to get her out of this problem. Time passing by, board exams came nearer, with the gap of only one & half months. And so, now I made myself determined to accept & clear the challenge. But the question was HOW? I then realized to change myself, became absolutely positive and acted as the situation demanded. And to my surprise, she showed improvement in a tremendous manner.

After that incident, I felt that if I could bring such difference to my daughter’s life, then I can also make other people’s lives more beautiful by educating them with the easiest philosophies of living a truly successful life.

I strongly feel from within that this skill of mine is by birth. But we are hardly aware of what is inside us and that’s what I am trying to make people aware of.

Hence, I joined JCI in 2010 wherein they provide special courses to make a great career in training. This is how I started with my journey to be a successful trainer, which led me to work hard & get awarded as an outstanding participant at state & national level, for various ladders of being a trainer designed & conducted by JCI.

DG: Can you please share any one lesson you learned during your journey & motivate our readers?

AM: I would like to say that always believe in yourself and accept every happenings of life as it is because it always happens for our good.

Friends, believe in yourself because no one else will. You have to do that hard work yourself but trust me, you’ll love the results.

DG: Do you fear anything in your career?

AM: Well, there’s nothing as such. Many people tried to put me down, scare me & tried to let my career graph go downwards, but none of them mattered to me at all.

Friends, FEAR stands for False Evidence Appearing Real. It’s just not there. It’s your mind playing trick on you. Be aware of that and act anyway. You’ll be surprised and feel glad you did.

DG: How do you get speaking engagements?

AM: Till now I have only got referrals. But soon I am planning to start a YouTube channel.

Friends, watch out for Ms. Ashu Manchanda’s YouTube channel, she’ll definitely ignite the fire in you. I have experienced her speaking live.

DG: How do you prepare for a speech?

AM: First, I understand the needs of the audience and refer Google to precisely understand the meaning of the terms. As I hardly read books, I prefer to consider live examples such as “All is well” from 3 idiots. Well! I must say that it seems so simple while reciting, but it’s absolutely effective.

DG: Who is your inspiration?

AM: Kiran Bedi. I have read all her stories. Her struggle as a woman is an inspiration for all women across the world.

DG: How do you motivate yourself if you face any setback?

AM: I am a self motivator. I usually give auto-suggestions to myself daily.

DG: What advice you have for young people?

AM: I advice youngsters to spend at least 10 minutes daily for yourself and would like to say, that remember one thing, there’s no such thing called as fear in this world. It’s only in your mind. And if you want to break all your fears, then auto-suggestions are the best options. Lastly, never try to change others; just change yourself to experience the wish you thought of.

DG: The best way to connect with you?


DG: Thank you so much Ms. Ashu for being here. You’ll definitely be an inspiration to all the people who will read this in future. We salute you for your deeds to change yours & other’s life, and will catch you soon in your next seminar.


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