Do this before you learn public speaking



Most essential thing in Public Speaking

Image credit: Wikimedia.

So you want to speak in public and amaze the audience? I can understand. But before you learn public speaking, here’s the question you need to answer.

What topic you want to speak about?

All the speakers in this world have a message to share with others. And that’s the only reason they are public speakers. Why would people spare their time listening you if you don’t have a message they care about?

Think about that.

Another way to look at this is to answer few questions.

What’s your biggest desire?

Speak about that.

What do you know that others don’t?

Speak about that.

How can you help others in a way, no one else can?

Speak about that.

As a speaker, your primary motive is to change people’s lives with your message. It will not happen unless you put a consistent effort on knowing yourself. Oncce you do that, you can use that as a fuel to help others through your speaking.

Few wrong reasons to become a public speaker.

  1. To become famous.
  2. To earn more money.

If you focus on above reasons, you will deviate from your primary reason to help your audience and sooner or laer, it’ll affect your speaking career.

But if you genuinely speak to help people, those results will come your way sooner or later.

When I started speaking, I used to speak about whatever I read and felt interesting. The result, when I cracked jokes, no one laughed. when I shared a burning message, no one cared.

But when I shifted my focus from speaking whatever I felt good to speaking what I truly cared about, my speech improved and people started listening. They were inspired and that inspired me more to become a better speaker.

Her’s a idea in a nutshell on what you should focus on before you learn public speaking.

If you really want to be a speaker, you have to speak about a topic that keeps you awake at night, that which you can’t stop thinking about.

Remember that always.