5 ways reading can help you get ahead in life.


Have you ever been in a state where you were wondering there must be someone to help you guide along the way? You looked for help but didn’t find anyone. You were stuck. You felt like you need someone who could hold your hand and point you towards the right path. Seems a known scenario? We all have been in such situations at some point in our lives.

I love reading. I have experienced unbelievable moments with books. They are my best companion. That moment when sun’s rays are falling and you get to read your favorite book with a cup of coffee is priceless. No experience in the world can compete that.

Many people tell me that they can’t get pass even a page of a book. The reason is simple. They are referring wrong book. They are reading books which are out of their interest and which they have heard others appreciating. So rather than reading a book on topic they like, they are reading books just because others are telling. And then they wonder why how in this world do people find books interesting?

But if you are willing to question this belief a bit and ask yourself what are you missing that all the book lovers know?, the answer can change your life. All the crazy book lovers in the world know something about books that changed their lives that you don’t know. Here are 5 things you need to know why you should read more books.

Reading make u wise.

Whether it’s a self help book, a book about dieting, a parenting book, book on meditation, dating book, a magazine or a biography, reading exposes you to a number of wiser words and lessons which you can implement in your life without wasting too much time making mistakes and then learning from them. The authors who have made their mistakes are telling you how they overcome and it’s up to you now to learn from them. If you don’t learn from them to shorten your learning curve, it’ll take you that much longer to get results in your area of interest. What other way to save your precious time, money and effort? It’s a great way to learn from other people’s mistakes without making your own mistakes, it gives you wisdom and wisdom is priceless.

Books are man’s best friends:

I wonder why people are usually bored because they don’t have anything to do at that particular moment. But why sit ideal? Grab the book on your favorite topic and start learning rather than watching mindless TV shows and gossiping. You might wonder you don’t like reading. But trust me, it’s because you haven’t read a book on your favorite topic. Once you find a topic you really like, I assure you will not put down that book until you finish it. Now if a person is really interested in a book, do you think they’ll be bored or feel lonely? Books are really man’s best friend because when you read, you either learn something or you feel like you have a companion. And that what best friends do.

All great leaders are great readers.

Bill Gates reads 50 books a year. Mark Zuckerberg has challenged himself to read a new book every week. Warren buffet recommends these 18 books.  If these billionaires are reading to keep themselves ahead in life and business why shouldn’t we do the same? The reason all great leaders are voracious readers because books shortens your journey to success. If you want to become a great leader, start reading.

You can live many people’s experiences.

Imagine yourself traveling in Paris or New York and experiencing the city in detail along with each and every conversation with strangers, sitting in a plane for the first time and experiencing the feeling when you never got a chance to sit yet or talking to that girl and going on a date when you are still single. You can live many people’s life just by sitting in your bedroom. How wonderful is that? Whether it is a biography, a travel book, a love story or a fiction character, you can feel like you are the one living their lives. The detail in which the author describes the characters and scenes touches your nerves. There is no substitute to books in this world which can help you feel other people’s experience as if they were your own. When you live many people’s experiences, you have much to share with different people at different events and that’s what sets you apart from everyone else.

It’s a new world in itself.

Reading a book can be a daunting process for those who don’t have a habit but ask this to a voracious reader and he’ll admit it without even thinking for a second. That feeling you get when you are lost in a fictional character and you don’t know how you spent few hours reading can be an amazing experience. The smell from the old pages of a book, using a handmade bookmark, highlighting the useful points with a cup of hot coffee in sunny morning; these little things in life gives you happiness. And these experiences can be more than a business class air travel. When you find happiness in such small things, you also find happiness in life failures and successes and that makes you strong person who can withstand life’s challenges while enjoying small surprises that life has in store for you.

Image credit: Pixabay