These college students are changing the world one event at a time


Crowd at The Monologue

On seeing the crowd in the above picture, I wish I had started something sooner in college. But remembering those days, there was not a single thought of starting something. We just lived life as per others expectations. I am glad that before it was too late, I realized that we don’t have to live the life as per other people’s expectations. But there’s something wonderful happening these days.

Apart from the international events like TED talks, Toastmasters, celebrity musical nights, there was no platform where every individual can share their thoughts about the common issues that connect and affects us.

This gap was bridged by young college students of Gandhinagar who started The Monologue which is an event by college students for the college students to perform standup comedy, music, stories and poetry.

Last event was held on 7th April 2017 at The Urban Club Cafe at Ahmedabad. All the speakers were young who expressed views about the society in general, about chasing our dreams, traffic problems, religion, over-thinking and many more topics. There were also musical performances and songs by some participants. Right from entering the venue, to speaking till leaving the event, I felt like I was attending any national event. It was so beautifully organized.

Some of the speakers at the recent event.

Here’s what I learned from these amazingly talented students.

Everyone has a story.

Storyteller Savi was right when she published her first book, “Everyone has a story“. We think that we don’t have our story but when I heard these young speakers talk about various aspects of their lives, there was a storyteller inside each of them. Even if we don’t speak on stage, we know that we are always telling stories to ourselves or others. And it’s your unique story that will connect you with those you want to or take to place where you want to reach. What’s your story?

Anyone can make an impact.

You need a fearless attitude to convey your message and that’s what these speakers did. We don’t need to be a famous celebrity or be someone at a good position to make an impact. All it takes is just one word or line to make an impact in someone’s life. Everyone remembers the best advice they have ever received. And sometimes, that one word or line sticks so hard in our mind that it becomes a lifelong lesson to chase our dreams.

This is my message to all the speakers who will be speaking at The Monologue in future: Speak what you truly believe in your heart. The person who will be inspired by you might not tell you but guess what? You have done your job.

This is my message to all the audience who will be attending The Monologue in future: Learn something from their speech or even from their courage to take the decision to speak.

Think you are too small to make an impact? You must attend this event.

You won’t learn anything sitting at home.

I could have spent the Friday evening sitting at home and relaxed. I even felt like not going and having a good afternoon sleep. But I am glad I went there. The energy that these young students showed was amazing. The initiative that these students took was amazing. And if these people can inspire a person who is inspiring others, can you imagine now what kind of work they must be doing?

You won’t learn anything by sitting at home. Follow these people and if you are in Ahmedabad, attend the next Monologue event to experience the magic.

So who’s managing all these? Below is the Team Monologue who is there to inspire us and take action.

You can reach them on Facebook, Twitter and their Youtube channel.

Team: The Monologue.





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