Honest book review – One Indian Girl by Chetan Bhagat.


Why do we love stories? I think it’s because they make us feel they are our own. We feel like we are a part of story. Though all stories are interesting, most of them make us feel like they don’t belong to us. But it’s never the case with the biggest selling English language novelist in India’s history. Yes I am talking about Chetan Bhagat and he’s back with yet another story to grab our attention and still go to theater (even if we know the story) if made into a movie. So what’s great about this story? I think I should leave it to you to read the book and enjoy the sunny morning and figure out yourself. But it’s only possible if you pick up the book. So let me tell you why you should read his latest release “One Indian Girl”.

However, beware! If you are a male, you may not like it very much however, if you are a female, you’ll love it more than any other book in this world.

It’s a story about a modern girl and her views on the world. Radhika Mehta, a simple girl teaches us how girls are not meant to be what men or society wants them to be but rather what they wants to be. She earns more than men who are double her age but still the world wants her to behave in a certain way. When it comes to her wishes and rights in life, men start behaving in a strange way as if that was the only way girl should behave.

There comes a time in her life which most girls can resonate with. As a child, our parents teach us that we can be whatever we want. And when we are ready to be whatever we want, they are the ones who hold us back, specially work. When it comes to girls, we give them a choice. This or that? No-No-No. A girl wants to have both and they can manage both very well better than men.

There was another time in story when almost majority of people in India use this word, “Settle down”. Only Indians use this word. It’s been carried out since ages. But times have changed and we need to accept that. Otherwise we’ll keep on hurting the coming generation as well.

The book touches the topic of feminism very well. It may make men understand women deeply. Why do women don’t have equal rights as men? Why are we biased with women when it comes to certain things in life?

Turning point comes when a little voice inside her asks her to take control of her life. The climax of One Indian Girl is a never thought of when Radhika shows exceptional courage for what she truly wants in her life.

The girl doesn’t need a man to define her but to support, inspire and understand her is what you’ll learn from this story. Overall, this book is a great one. Go buy one here. You won’t regret it.

Image credit: Chetan Bhagat.