Read these 5 books to excel in your chosen field.


When it comes to career, half of the world’s population realizes too late that they have chosen the wrong field. But very few can change careers because life happens. But what about others who are not able to change career? Do they not deserve the privilege of a great career? Of course they can. In fact, there is a way. You can turn to mentors. But why spend your precious time searching real mentors when you can learn a lot from virtual mentors about having a great career irrespective of field you have chosen. These 5 books will teach you the fundamentals of great career and it applies to all each and every career around the world.

10X rule:

If you ever come across a person complaining about his/her career or life, this is the book you need to refer if you ever wish to help them. The book starts with a very inspiring quote from the author Grant Cardone, “Anyone that suggests to me to do less is either not a real friend or very confused!” The main theme of this book is that the root cause of lack of results in all areas of our life is lack of action. Physically as well as at thought level, you’ll be required to use 10X thought and actions to get there. Set targets 10X times you want to achieve. Take actions 10X times that you need to take to get wherever you want to. If you look back in your life, chances are there that you have underestimated both reasoning and actions necessary to accomplish anything worthwhile. This book teaches you that in order to achieve massive success in business, relationships or anything; you need to take 10X actions and 10X required mindset. Anything less is just a waste of your potential.

How it applies to your career: Often people complain a lot in their careers about not getting enough compensation and rewards. The reason boils down to this: There must be lack of efforts from their side to achieve whatever they want to achieve. In order to achieve disappointment of failure, why not set your goals 10 times and take massive action? Even if you fail and get results 6 times, wouldn’t it be worth? Think about what you want, a goal set 100% and achieved 50% or a goal set 1000% and achieved 500%?

The Leader who had no title

This classic my Robin Sharma is the bible of how we should see our work. This book has been turned into a global movement. People around the world are developing a new way of leading without a title. It shows people that you don’t need a big title to make a difference. What one needs is willingness to serve others. With this attitude, anyone can be a leader and make a difference. The big thing is change doesn’t come from doing big things but doing small things and this book teaches you exactly how people with an ordinary title made an extraordinary difference in everyone’s lives. They didn’t wait for a fancy title to start. And neither should you.

How it applies to your career: When you begin your career, always remember that you are more than your job title. People often think that their title is too small to make a difference and in doing so they never act. So they miss the biggest opportunity in their life, “The opportunity to start.

Retire young retire rich:

The advice from Rich Dad continues in Rich dad series by Robert Kiyosaki. This book is all how you can make money work for you by means of leverage. It teaches you the importance of financial literacy and how you can create a plan to become rich by leverage of integrity, generosity, habits, money, real estate, paper assets and many more knowledge of which can be very useful especially if you are just beginning your career. Follow rich Dads advice to create a Rich life by using right words and taking actions like the rich do. This is a classic about working smarter and not harder.

How it applies to your career: When it comes to career, most people take the common route. It’s really important that you work smart and then work hard. All the risks we have been taught about career and money are not actually risks if we know what we are doing and have knowledge of it.

Strength finder 2.0:

If you observe any successful person on this Earth, you’ll find one thing common in all of them. They use their strengths become expert at it. We are at our best when we use our strengths because people can see it, they can feel it in our work, in our eyes. Have you ever seen a person not good at what he’s doing and trying to convince you to buy his product or service? On the other hand, imagine last time you heard or met someone who was truly good at what he was doing and also enjoyed it. He felt it in his bones and you too felt it in your heart.

The reason is simply that the later person was using their strengths. When you take Strengthsfinder 2.0 assignment, you’ll be given your five top strengths based on your answers which to me, proved incredibly useful and aligned to my core values.

How it applies to your career: The reason 80 % of world don’t love the work they are doing is simply because they are not doing the work which relates to their strengths and in doing so, they are compromising in their careers. When it comes to your career, ask yourself what special talents do I have which others don’t have? You’ll start getting answers. This book shows you the right way to do it by utilizing your unique strengths.


Dr. Maxwell Maltz, One of the world’s most widely known and highly regarded plastic surgeons, discovered during his career that when he changed a man’s face, he almost invariably change his future. The discovery that he made was astonishing. He revealed that self-image is a foundation upon which your entire personality, your behavior, and even your circumstances are built. If we change our self-image, we become totally new personality. In any circumstances, our imagination is more important than we think. If we can image our perfect self and act accordingly with faith in ourselves, there is little in this world we cannot accomplish.

How it applies to your career: Our image in our own eyes above all will make or break our career. If we think we are not good enough, we’ll be losing every day. We’ll be afraid of making that phone call, meeting that stranger or talking to our boss for promotion or leave. On the other side, if we think ourselves worthy of success, we’ll be taking actions accordingly and not afraid of failure. Our own image inside us is what matters most. And remember this: When you rise up in your own eyes, you automatically rise in front of others. And that, my friend, is the most important thing you’ll ever learn for your career success.

Image credit: Pixabay.