3 ways being fearless will help you in life.


One of my friends was selected for a job which is a dream for many. He changed his department after many years of working in one department. Everyone said he couldn’t do it but he was determined. Everyone said he would fail, but he was determined. Everyone said he was mad, but he was determined.

And he made it possible. He went for an interview where there was no opening for a position and he created the position for himself.

How did he do that? Well, that’s a topic for another blog post but one thing was sure when he shared me the details.

He was fearless.

He was not afraid of losing.

He was relaxed.

He was honest.

He was inspired from within.

And that’s why; he went for interview without preparing. He spoke whatever he knew with 5 years of experience. And he cracked the interview.

Here are three lessons I learned about being fearless from the conversation with my friend.

It gives you more confidence because you have nothing to lose.

When you have nothing to lose, you are not afraid to fail. And a person, who is not afraid to fail, wins.

Yes that person wins. Every single time. And why he wins every single time? A fearless person will not be afraid to speak the truth. Being fearless is just a state of mind and once it is mastered, everything seems easy. My friend was bursting with confidence. His face was shining because he was not afraid of being rejected. Do you know one thing? When you have this mindset from inside, interviewers actually feel it and they want you to be a part of their team.

People like confident people.

People want to work with confident people who can confidently do the task they are hiring them for. My friend wasn’t afraid of asking for what he was looking for in a job and why he applied for different position. He showed confidence in himself because he was practicing this new position for years before actually sitting for an interview. This extra knowledge made him confident which was an added advantage for his career.

You get not only what you want but what you deserve.

My friend left the interview expecting that he’ll be hired. Moreover, he was confident that even if they reject him, he’ll be hired by another firm anyhow. So he was not afraid. When he started and ended interview with that mindset, he not only got the position and money he asked for, he even got the job in city he lived in which he was not at all expecting.

When you go out next time for an interview or pitching your idea, act confident and feel deeply inside that you have nothing to lose. The confidence will be seen on your face and will make the process much easier for you.




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