3 biggest lessons I learned after reading 46 books in 2016


I overheard my friend asking one of his colleagues, “Who reads books in today’s world?”

I felt sad for him that he did not understand the importance of reading books though he was elder than me. As he said that, I reflected on my reading journey of 2016.

On 30th December 2016, I completed reading 46th book for the year.

As the year ends, every one of us starts our New Year resolution and the forgets after few months.

So this year, rather than making New Year resolutions, I thought of sharing with you the three biggest lessons I learned in 2016.

And the best part, it has all come through reading. I cannot under emphasize the importance of reading as it has tremendously impacted my life and it can change your life too if you truly think of books as life changing.

Here are the three biggest lessons I learned in 2016.

Mindset is the ultimate key.

Whatever you are doing in life or what to do, the key to success in your field is the mindset. Whether it’s a relationship, finance or career, everything begins and ends with mindset. If you don’t have a right mindset at the start, it’s difficult to sustain. Same way, it’s difficult to survive if you don’t have a right mindset during difficult times. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have money right now, can you use your mind to create more money? Of course you can. There are endless people who have done that. As Robert Kiyosaki says, “It doesn’t take money to make more money”.

People make excuses for what they cannot accomplish because they don’t have the right mindset. If you ever had a right mindset in your lifetime, can you recall that there were no excuses and only positive action?

A person in the right mindset does not think of winning or losing. All is thinks is just learning.

You cannot learn anything without taking massive action.

The fear you feel is only inside you. No matter how many books I read, it not useful unless I take action on it. Reading is only 20% of the task but once you learn, you must put that learning into action.

Whatever I have learned is only by taking action and I also learned one important lesson.

When I don’t take action, I lose 100% of the time.

But when I act in spite of fear and doubt, magic happens which I didn’t even imagine.

You ultimately become who you associate with.

I have heard this Jim Rohn quote around 200 times.

“You are the average of five people you spend the most time with.”

If you hang around with 5 wise people, you’ll be fifth.

If you hang around with 5 rich people, you’ll be sixth.

If you hang around with 5 idiots, you’ll be sixth.

But I understood it only when I started hanging around and listening to people who were playing a bigger game than me. Their attitude was contagious, they were approaching life different than the average people and when I saw changes in me like never before, I realized that successful people know something that most people don’t. So starts hanging around with people you want to be like.

You have nothing to lose.

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